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Moses receiving the
10 commandments

Nature scenes-Butterflies

It's a Jewish tradition to leave a stone each time you visit the grave of a loved one. It has come to mean "I remember." And there is no better way to express your feelings than with a stone you have specially chosen for that purpose.

Judaic Symbols

We have that special stone. Our artists use only stones made smooth by river waters and hand paint them with Judaic symbols, nature scenes, or artistic renderings suggested by the shape of the stone. Each painting is a signed original made to withstand both rain and sunshine.

Choose from any collection or personalize your stones with first name, initials or the relationship (mother, father, sister, etc.) at no extra cost. Included with each package of five stones is the graveside prayer in English and Hebrew with English transliteration.

Packages of five stones are only US$25.00 each including shipping and handling.

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